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Just a little rant.......So i bought a top of the line kawasaki cover for my zx10r for when i park it outside in the sun all day at work. My problem is since the day i got it when it has been on all day it leaves this black sticky stuff on my bike. This really pisses me off and it wont just wipe off. I have to get a good spray wax on a rag or some other way to get it off. And it sticks on the the lower fairings and both sides of the tail section. My bike is always very clean and waxed up and i hate having to detail my bike before i ride it home from work.

Are any of you guys using this same cover and if so have you noticed the black goo?
I have flipped it inside out and the whole underside except for the cloth patches sewn in have a coating inside to make it waterproof and it is sticky, Why the hell would it come off on the bike though.

I almost want to throw it away and or get a cheap dust cover and use this one over it.:headscratch:angry
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