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Details from Kawasaki UK website

Welcome back to the world of Enduro racing: Since the debut of the highly acclaimed Motocross flagship KX450F two short years ago, Kawasaki fans have been waiting for a purpose-built Enduro machine armed with class-leading 4-stroke engine technology and race-proven chassis know-how. Now the all-new KLX450R Kawasaki is offering the company's lightest, fastest and most powerful big-bore 4-stroke Enduro machine ever.

The KLX450R gets its key components straight out of our mighty KX450F motocrosser and adapts them for Enduro racing. To transform the liquid-cooled 449 cm3 KX450F power unit into an Enduro racing winner, the highly acclaimed engine has been tweaked for more low-end torque and is mated to a special wide-ratio 5-speed transmission - and of course comes with an electric starter. The result is a wide spread of responsive, high-traction torque and superior throttle control for low-speed manoeuvring. The numerous modifications also contribute enhanced durability and reliability to ensure that both man and machine reach the finish line, time after time.

As with the power plant, the KLX450R's lightweight aluminium frame is also based on the KX. Whether negotiating narrow trails or manoeuvring between rocks and trees, the KLX450R has the lightweight and responsive handling qualities needed to enable riders to go the distance in off-road racing and to minimise fatigue. The KLX450R shares the same top-of-the-line suspension as the championship-winning KX450F. Where the KX settings maximise sprint and jumping performance, for the KLX, settings were chosen for light, easy handling characteristics.

The racing equipment includes petal disc brakes, lightweight digital instrumentation, a LED tail lamp, wide comfortable seat, and a plastic fuel tank with a eight litre capacity. Out of the crate, off-road competitors can now enjoy the same incredible engine and the same outstanding frame and suspension technologies as our class-leading KX450F, but in a bike purpose-built to excel in Enduro racing.

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