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Hi all

Just about to send my good old faithful Thundercat to the grave 56,000 miles is just too much for the cycle parts engine still young at heart ,Any way ive got to get her out of my head and look for a new ride.
hade a go on a fazer 1000 did'nt like it at all
R6 seat feels like it sitting on the front wheel heck why do they put two wheels on that thing its a unicycle.

Then I spotted a late 2001 51 plate zx9r in very very green with a touch of blue 6000 miles just under 4k
took it for a test ride and it was perfect ride a grown up Thundercat that has the looks of this centry.
It did have what sounded like a cam chain rattle is this normal and the fan came on quit quickly.
Any tips on what problems might be on the bike and an questions I should ask would be helpful

Thanks in advance
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