I am clearing out parts from a never completed but very ambitious project from about 12 years ago. I finally called it a day and moved on. The project involved making a 600cc V4 engine using donor parts from a Kaw ZX6R with a custom chassis utilizing a linkage front suspension. I got as far as castings and a mock-up engine, but never finished the internals. Oh well, chalk this one to biting off more than I can chew.

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So, I'm trying to get the following parts a nice home that will give them some use:
-2 sets JE 67mm bore pistons and pins
-1 set Carrillo H beam rods
-polished stainless steel header pipes for a 4-2-1 system (all head stubs are included)
-lot of OEM parts: cam chains, guides, igniter, seals, bunch of conrod and crank plain bushings
-lot of aftermarket parts: full set of valve shims, adjustable cam sprockets, valve guide seals, sprocket

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All the parts are new and unused and in the original packaging and in most cases, still sealed. All are ready for use.

I'd like to sell it all in one go but will separate the big stuff. I want the OEM and aftermarket parts to go in a lot.

Proceeds are going to the next, more manageable (somewhat!) single cylinder project: @cosentinoengineering or #hypermono on instagram, so I'm not a scammer, just a dreamer. But this bike is nearly running!
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