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Congratulations to our January Ride of the Month Winner:
Caburian and his 2011 ZX6R!!

My 2011 zx6r.
The Paint was inspired by the factory matte white mercedes SLR along with a few suggestions from friends and slapped on some decals i collected over the years with a few custom to support my passion for watching MC racing. Motor is taken cared of by Elf Moto 4 HP ECO 10W40 and sometimes repsol 4t Motor oil, K&N highflow race air filter, and scotts performance billet oil filter. Handling is supported by bridgestone battlax 016pro and soon to be battlax S20 as soon as it releases in the US and complimented by a custom suspension tune and a rebuilt ohlins steering damper.

Additional addons

driven power-up chain and sprocket
yoshimura fender eliminator
Progrip tank pad and stompgrips
two brothers VALE slip on exhaust (7db silencer installed :( )
CRG blindsight bar end mirror
Power Commander V (custom dyno tuned)
Power commander V LCD module
Sato Frame Sliders
bike master rear spools
healtech speedohealer
yoshimura oil filler plug
moose racing magnetic drain plug

very future addons are:
seat cowl

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Congrats you Kawi slut.Bike looks sick.

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I have had my zx6r for two years. I love the bike and have done lots of work on the bike including changing the head gasket, jetting the carbs to stage one, de-baffled the exhaust, and replaced a few bolts in the motor. A few months ago after I jetted the bike it wouldn't run propperly it was sputtering shutting off at low rpm and couldn't go over 100 kms an hr without feeling like I was hitting the rev limiter. I Synced the carbs and the problem was resolved. Now four months later the symptoms have returned except at a lower speed of 50 km per hour and up it feels like, sounds like, and acts like a rev limiter is happening. So I re synced the carbs, and ther was no difference. After a long while of frustration I took it into a mechanic shop ( st onge recreation) where they assumed it was the battery, that was replaced. Then they thought the fuel pump was the problem. Still nothing so they cleaned my carbs removed my jets and re-synced my carbs.. In total they took 600 dollars and three weeks of my time and it came back in the same condition. any Ideas on what is wrong with my bike? Please let me know?

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Thank you all for the comments and for those who have voted for me.

So far new things that i have done to the bike since this last photo.

added a black solo seat cowl
installed shorty adjustable levers
removed the passenger pegs

i'll send an update on the picture's forums one of these days.

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I f'ing love this bike!
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