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The following is from James Stewart:

I think my next butt patch is going to say "Soilicious." I felt so good Saturday, and on Sunday during first practice as well. Second practice started great, then on one of the fastest (and strangely enough least technical) sections of the track I ended up getting the back end side ways and being thrown off. I flipped head over heals like three times.

I tried to go out and ride some more but I was too sore. I went back to the coach and Dr. Augustine from the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit checked me out. I was thinking I could ride but my team manager, my family, and my agent decided I shouldn't given my recent crashes at High Point and Southwick. I'm going to get thoroughly checked out at home and hope they don't say it's anything more than taking a good hit to the right side. I did not hit my head hard, and basically have a sore neck, shoulder, and hand.

I want to apologize to the fans that I was not able to race for them, and to the fans who were not able to get autographs while I was being evaluated. I also want to thank Dr. Augustine and Asterisk, as well as my team for being so supportive.

James Stewart, #7
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