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James Stewart Takes a Needed Break
By Dirck J. Edge

After his spectacular crash two weeks ago at Mt. Morris, we were a bit surprised to see Kawasaki's star motocross rider James Stewart show up and race at Southwick last Sunday. Stewart has shown great determination this year, and put up quite a fight with Suzuki's Ricky Carmichael at Southwick despite an injured knee. When his motor gave out on the last lap of the second moto, however, Stewart suffered another heavy crash.

Apparently, Kawasaki thinks Stewart now needs some time to recover fully from his injuries, particularly the knee problem. Stewart will not race at Budds Creek this weekend -- possibly handing Carmichael another 50 points in a championship race that is all but over for Stewart. Here is Kawasaki's press release:

Irvine, Calif., (June 14, 2006) - After careful consideration, it has been decided that Kawasaki Racing Team rider, James Stewart, will not be competing at the fourth round of the AMA Motocross National Championship at Budds Creek MX Park, in Budds Creek, Md., this weekend. Stewart, who put forth an epic performance last weekend by posting a fourth overall finish despite a deep bone bruise in his left knee, began feeling recurring pain and stiffness early this week. Although Stewart remains determined to race, it was decided by the team that Stewart should not race until his leg has had the appropriate amount of time to heal properly according to his physician's recommendations.

"James has shown amazing determination and we appreciate that," said Kawasaki Racing Team Manager, Mike Fisher. "However, we also know that if he continues to ride on an injured knee, he may likely be riding in pain all season and ultimately needs more time to recuperate."

Source: Motorcycle Daily
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