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More Isn't Always Better
By Dirck Edge

Isn't it great that motorcycling has become so popular? No, it isn't.

Supercross pits were empty 25 years ago, and I could walk up to just about any rider and start a conversation.

There weren't any cops in the canyons looking for motorcyclists, because there were so few motorcyclists.

A friendly wave to a passing biker was more rare and precious.

It really was a man's world.

You never saw a stand-up wheelie on the 405 freeway on a Thursday afternoon.

Three inches of suspension travel made line selection a fine art.

If someone looked like a Hell's Angel, they definitely weren't a banker.

There was nothing sexist about bikini girls posing on bikes.

When you went to work on Monday, you didn't mention your motocross injuries, because nobody knew what motocross was.

You didn't know if motorcycling was cool, and you didn't care.

Evel Knievel was alone and crazy.

Source: Motorcycle Daily
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