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hey all,

just wanted to send an aloha out to all you kawee riders out there! new to the forums and posting from hawaii. i picked up my 2006 ZX6RR with 1510 miles don't have any pics yet to post. rescued him from a berry bad owner. the rr was a bit sick as the previous owner never had the break maintenance done. so the 6RR had to visit the shop. his all better now, woot! just waiting on my galfer steel brake lines to come in so i can get those and my new ohlins steering damper side mount on him. will post pics of the kslimer, sorry didn't have any at work.

mods currently on (came like this):
pig spotters, black
smoked black windscreen
euro front turn signals
competition werks rear fender kit
no tuning mods (yet)

mods scheduled:
ohlins side mount steering damper

mods in da works:
aluminum radiator fan
scotts stainless steel oil filter
ohlins rear shock
LSL rearsets black anodized (updated)
power commander IIIusb
akrapovic evolution titinum exhaust (updated)
competition werks fender eliminator kit rear
bst carbon fiber rims with power pilots

prize mods
looking for factory kawi race ecu
good maps for akrapovic set up now (updated)

just wondering if anyone out there knows of a site that has carbon fiber parts. been searching with no luck at all. mainly interested in the ram air duct, air box if possible, exhuast shield, rear fender and chain guard, front fender side wall only.

if you have any experience and what not on the mods. would really like to hear any and all feed back!

here is kslimer back from the shop, my ancient digital camera doesn't do the green justice.


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thanks yoshed636, trying to. but, it's been a long time since i've ridden. trying to get rid of the chicken strips prepared by the previous owner.
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