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Hey guys. I have a 2000 zx-9 and i have been experiencing really weird temp readings lately. I have delt with it until today, its hot as balls and I am afraid of it over heating. Before, once it hit 100*~ it would show up on the gauge, now it just reads --- all the time, once in a while ill look down and see 138-150 or so, then it will shoot to 180-200, which seemed more right, because the bike was fully heated up.

For some reason I get no temp reading usually until it hits 200*F which is ok cause if it gets around 220 it kicks the fans on. I am just afraid one day the sensor won't read and won't kick the fans on at high temps.

What should I look for. Do you think its a bad temp sensor, if so where is that located...

I noticed this after adding some water to my coolant, which might not have been a good move....

Sorry if i dont make sense.
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