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Let me start with I have no clue about any other HID kit other than the Purevision kit i am going to elaborate on. So, if your kit is similiar, than maybe this could apply also.

The kit you need is an H7 model, it includes 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and everything you need to hook it up.

The kit in the pic is the one for my mustang so it shows bulb size 9007, all contents are the same other than bulb size.

This is an after the fact how to so some pics i did just to show you how it should look.

HID's run cooler than hologen's so they will not melt anything etc. They also draw less power than stock lights.

Before you start:

- THERE IS NO FREAKIN ROOM FOR ANYTHING ON THIS BIKE!! It is very tight in there, just be patient.

- Go to Walmart, get 3M's double sided tape, the 5lb strength, nothing less, its about 1" wide, comes in a roll, maybe 5ft worth, this stuff is 10X stronger than what the kit comes with

- Have a phillips screw driver handy for the screws on the battery and also one for the fairing screws

1. HID Box Pic:

Open the box up -

2. HID Box Content: (sorry pic got blurred, not my digital camera)

Your kit will contain everything you need for install, except mfg directions and the better 3M tape i suggest. It also has brackets etc. you won't need those, but save them, may come in handy for something else -

3. You will need to remove the right and left side panel, windscreen, passanger seat, rider seat, and the right cover below rider seat. Unscrew the light covers, remember lefty loosey. The lights are held in with prong clip things, i think its up and over, the lights will come out, unhook them from the power clips.

4. Kit layed out:

Lay out your kit on the bike, i did my actual kit on the bike, use a towel on the bike to prevent scratches. I hooked everything up first to make sure the lights worked before pressing on, i'd do the same if i was you.

The pic below is how it is wired on my bike.

Understand that there are 2 wires running from the battery, down the right side of the fairing, of course tucking the wires inside the frame to hide them, and zip tieing them to other wires already there. there is a fuse box thingy where all the wires come into, it will be right about half way i up the right fairing, just tuck it in there somewhere to hide it.

I ran the wire for the left light and ballast up the right side of the right light, under the ram air duct, to the left light, then under the left upper fairing.

5. Ballast Location:

This image is looking down on the tank, now where the upper fairings wrap around the frame, the ballast just barely fits on both sides, play with fitment before attaching so its not sticking out. You can use the supplied double sided adheasive, but i recommend 3M's 5lb strength version. Clean the ballast and the fairing so its not stuck to dirt. Before you finally stick the ballast up there, make sure the wires are connected because its a bitch to get them in there, i found out the hard way.

6. Running Wires into lights:

Now this is where i could have maybe taken a few more minutes to think about it, maybe you'll come up with a better way, but you need to have wires coming out of both lights to the ballast, well the only way to put the covers back on is to drill a hold into the cover. Start a pilot hole in the middle, like 1/8", then step it up to like 3/4". Double check though, just put the end of the bit to the connectors together, and make it just a hair bigger. I haven't "sealed" the drilled holes up yet, i don't really ride in the rain, but some silicone or something similar should do.

7. Button her back up after you make sure the lights work!

What HID's Look like on the ZX-10R:

Once you've hooked up all the wires to the ballast, lights, and battery, it should fire up like normal, the lights will kick in like normal HID's, soft and then full on when they warm up. Now, your Hi beam will always be on, haven't figured out how to turn it off? The guy i bought them from didn't know either.

Source: ZX-10R.net

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Nice i wish they made something specific for our bikes. But i'm not complaining, how much is a kit like this one? I've always wanted to do an HID conversion on my car and my bike.....nice write up Bean's :clap !!!
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