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Installed full D&D exhaust. Ordered Stg 1 Jet Kit and K&N Filter. What Pilot Jet????

Hi all,

just installed a new full D&D exhaust (header back) kit on my 01 ZX9. Now its obvious I need to rejet, but I have never done this before, so looking for guidance on what Pilot Jets I should get here.

Everything is stock so far, other than the exhaust that I just installed.

I already ordered the following on ebay:

K&N (dynojet) Stage 1 Jet Kit:

K&N Air Filter:

Now apparently the last piece to the puzzle is the proper Pilot Jet. What do I get and where do I get it? I'm in San Diego, so just about sea level. I called D&D and they literally would not recommend anything because of different locations. Can anyone please recommend what Pilot Jets to get and where to get them?

Thank you!!!

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You could do like RileyDeed and install Keihin #40 pilot jets. See the thread how to fix carb stumble on 2000+ 9r's? that I just bumped for you. Riley spells out the specific jet part number on page 2.
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