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2007 zx10r. .....
1). It use to idle at 2000rpms ( on a cold start ) like it would if it had a choke. Then as the engine gets warmer it gradually comes down to the normal idle speed

2) It started this crazy bouncing idle issue, bouncing from like 1500 + 2000rpm

3) A buddy riding behind me said it started puffing a little black smoke as I got on the throttle. That's when I realized it was burning rich. Very bad RICH

NO CHANGES HAD BEEN MADE TO THE BIKE. No modes.... This all started around 13000 miles ODO. I'VE STILL BEEN RIDING IT. IT NOW HAS 20,000 MILES ON IT NOW.

4) After warming the bike up, it idles without stalling. Something around 1500 to 2000rpm it has that loping issue. Its just a harder lope on a cold start.

Since there was no codes, I went on the instructions of a local kawasaki shop, a local performance shop and a very good bike mechanic. Three different peoples advices in what to do.
We have replaced, checked, or repaired these:
1). New Air filter, k/n
2). New plugs
3). New stick coils
4). Replaced 2 valves in the head.
Note: Kawasaki dealer done the servive at 15000 mile mark. Shim job. They said #1 exhaust had to be shimmed super high. If i had any issues it would be the #1 exhaust.
Upon picking up my bike that friday, I knoticed they left a lot of stuff undone. wow! Great job guys!
So i got a second opinion. Then i went and got a 3rd opinion from Lee's Performance Shop. I had them to completely go through the head. F8x anything and everything. They replaced two valves on #4 cylinder. Said everything else was in great shape. Head was completely ok now.

5). Re timed.. no issue
6). New stator.. works great
7). New rotor... does what it is suppose to 8). New regulator..Works
9). New battery. Perfect.
10). Clean carbs. Absolutely not dirty.
11). Cleaned injectors.
Note: I have installed a second set..just to be sure this is not the issue. I bought a set of throttle bodies off of eBay to see if there was any changes. Then took out the upper butterfly valves. Still no change. Installed the original throttle bodies back on no changes yo the idle.

12).Checked for air leaks multiple times. There are none that can found.
13). New Brock exhaust
14). New power commander

After three technicians costing me boo koo money and no results in fixing the issue!, I'm trying it myself. With your help of course.

I have not changed any sensors cause there were no codeS coming up.
I unplugged the cam sensor and tried cranking to verify it worked, code pops up. The bike would not start so I plugged the csm sensor back up, clear code, then the bike runs.
I've checked throttle position switch on both throttle bodies. Both sets meet spec's.
Im leaning toward the sensors now. The intake, Air temperature sensor, or the pressure sensors, which there are two of these on the bike. Maybe the coolant temp sensor.

I just read on here some where that someone the same issues. Apparently it was because of the vehicle down sensor. Any ideas????

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To much info... but there has been alot done to it within 5000 miles... and the idle issue still exsist....... it's driving me nuts..
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