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1993 Zx-7 L Model, 2006 ZX-10R
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My tickover is hunting, its going up and down by 150 to 200 rpm I've tried disconnecting the pair valves as suggested by another forum but no change. Any ideas what it could be,wondering if throttle bodies need balancing? Appreciate any help or ideas. View attachment 22239
So, you have a bouncing idle?

PAIR system only injects air into the exhaust to make it KLEENer. I hate the way they implemented emissions.

You either have a vacuum leak or your TBs need synced. Or both. I'd keep it simple and check the easy stuff first. Rule out vacuum leak first and then go from there.

You might want to check the electricals too. Test the battery with a load tester, test volts and ohms for the FI. Test the output of your stator and rectifier.

Check valve clearance. I know it can cause issues with start up no matter the temp.
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