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How 2 remove the fairing from a \'06 ZX-6R (ZX636C)

So, winter season is coming, time for a thorough bike cleanup.
While throwing a bucket or two of water over it might help it's a good idea to get rid of the plastics and clean them on the side- cleaning will be way easier, as well as waxing and polishing. :
Plus you get better access to the rest of your bike, especially in the head section. You'll be amazed what you can find in an airbox.. but later more on this.

First, how to remove the fairings:

While it's basically really easy to remove those there are a few things you should look after or you might scratch them or
even bend/break parts off of them.

Always put things you take off immediately on a table or shelf- if something is lying on the ground the next fool will step on it, which is most likely you. I put all of the fairing bolts and fasteners in plastic baggies and label them where they go, it helps a lot on reasembly.
Also gets some old blankets or at least cardboard to lay the fairing pieces on to minimize scratching the plastics, you cannot be too careful! Place them out of the way of traffic, kids, and drunk adults!

Left and right corresponds to your riding position, when you sit on your bike you have a side on the left and one on the right. Rear and front is the same but more obvious :

Step 1) Preparation
Get your bike on a stand. Kickstand will do, but it's more convenient if you can put it on a real motorcycle stand- you get better access to the lower sections.
It might be helpful if you put a blanket below, especially if you got a real nice and clean workplace with shiny ceramic tiles- you'll find out why. Ok, I tell you: Most of the screws have nylon rings to keep them from damaging your plastics. Those have a special property regarding scattering of electromagnetic waves: They are clear (look-through) and the brighter and shinier the ground at your workplace is the harder they are to find. Unfortunately they're rather expensive, too (ridiculously expensive if you ask me- I had to buy some). Blankets also catch bolts that otherwise would jump around when falling to the ground.

Step 2) Windshield
We start at the top: Take off the windshield. It's easy, just unscrew the 6 bolts (on-board tools will do) and remove it, pulling slightly at the top end up and to the rear. There's a notch at the front but it should come out easily. You see the 6 nylon rings? Watch them. They tend to either stay on the plastics without you noticing them or to slide down. Formerly is worse for you might carry the plastics around and lose them somewhere else.
Put the bolts and the nylon rings on a coloured tissue or similar next to your windshield.

Step 3) Mirrors
This step is optional and it might be easier for you to keep them on for later when removing the head section. However, I unmount them, it's more convenient and the risk of your head section tipping over and slipping from your hands while removing is lower.
While still up there at the headsection you can unmount the mirrors, if you haven't already. Reach into the gap where the windshield was and use a monkey wrench to loosen the bolts. Then unscrew them using your fingers while holding the mirror. They don't need to be turned too often and will easily slip off your fingers and fall to the ground. That's why we put a blanket down there. Put the bolts back on the mirrors and put them aside. If you get problems loosening the bolts with your fingers just wiggle the mirror slightly around- you'll find a position where the screw can be easily turned.

Step 4) Removing the lower section
When looking at your bike you'll find the fairing has basically three sections:
Lower middle and head. This is great in case of crashes and oil changes.
The lower section always has to be removed first, it's also the most easy one to remove/attach.
We start on the left:
There are three small bolts connecting it to the middle section and two large bolts, one connecting to a bridge to the right lower section, one to the engine.
There are also five rivets below at the joint between left and right lower fairing. These are removed first.
Take a pretty wide "-" screwdriver (wide, but flat preferably) and look at those rivets:
There is head and a socket with two gaps. Move the screwdriver into that gap and turn it slightly from side to side (like loosening a screw, not from left to right) working your way under the head and between head and socket to pull the head out of the socket. It needs to be pulled out by approx. 3-5mm, not entirely. You'll notice when it does. Then you can pull the rivet out with the socket using your fingers. They'll be pretty dirty.
In case you don't find the last one: It's behind the front wheel, not below the fairing like the other four are.

Now loosen up all the 5 bolts holding the left lower fairing, take them out and put them away. The fairing will come loose but usually stick to the middle section- there's a latch which connects it still to the middle. To remove that, grab the lower fairing, pull it downwards and wiggle from left to right (front to rear on the bike) as you do so. Eventually it'll come loose. Put it aside.

Now the right lower section is easy: just unscrew the five bolts accordingly to the left side. Actually you don't have to remove the bolt on the rear, since the bridge to the left lower section can remain on there.

Step 5) Removing inner upper fairings.
Now what's this?
These are the plastic inlays that you see inside the left and rear side of your head section, just below the clip-ons.
We have to remove those to get better access to the middle fairings, which are a pain to take off. It's easy.

Just unscrew the 3 small bolts connecting the middle fairing to the head section (actually only the rear-most one needs to be removed, but we can do so with the others as we're at it).

Then grab from the rear behind that inner upper fairing at it's rear end and pull slightly to the rear and mainly up. It'll come off easily, the notch is a the very front. When you pulled out the rear pull out the front part, also up and to the rear (more up than to the rear). It's far more easy than separating the lower from the middle fairings.

Step 6) Removing middle fairings
Get a tong ready with a fairly long and narrow head.

These are a pain to remove.
First we have to figure out where they are connected to the head section:

Move your hand inside the gap where the inner upper fairing was. You'll feel that inside the middle fairing there's another part, the left (or right) inner fairing. You can also see it when you look from the side at your front wheel inside the fairings.
There's also the lower end of the head section. And right to the rear of that head section there's a latch which holds the middle fairing. This is our worst enemy.
The left or right inner fairings are only connected to the middle fairing, so it'll come off with it.

Again, left side first. It's easier.
First again we unscrew the bolts- there should be only two of them left, next to the alternator casing (large bolts). Remember, they have nylon rings, too.
Unscrew them. Now the fairing is still attached to the head section and no matter how much you pull, it won't come off.

Grab inside the hole of the inner upper fairing and feel for the latch. This latch is part of the head fairing and sticks through a slot in the middle fairing. To remove it, we have to push the latch down through that slot. Use your thumb to push it down and wiggle the loose middle fairing around, it'll come off eventually. Actually, pulling the fairing downwards doesn't help- it makes things worse.

Now it's still attached to your bike through the blinker cable. Get the tong and grip the connector at the end leading to your bike- there's a latch which can be pushed down using the tips of your tong- just grap the connector so that you only push on that latch on this side. When pushed down the connector will slip apart.

Put away the left fairing and get ready for the right one.
This is almost the same except for one thing:
The amp connector of your bikes ignition lock system is mounted on the fairing's inner side. So it's one more cable connection to remove. However, this one is quite easy, it's just grab and pull. There is a latch but I just pushed it down using my finger.

Now you unmounted your side fairings.

Time for a fresh beer and maybe a set of LED blinkers.

By the time you have done all of the above, you should be familiar with the fairings and attachment point, and how to replace them.
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