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These are the steps i took to make a new key, it is the only way if you lost the key code(well with out replacing the the ignition and fuel cap, or by passing the ignition and getting a race fuel cap), it cost me fourty bucks for 3 keys so not to bad.

FIRST remove the gas tank. and loosen/remove all fairings on the left front. You will also have to remove the right side plastic peice just under the handle bars(i dont know whats its called).

-Take the triple tree clamp off the bike( the two allens on the fork clapms and the steering stem nut)

-next take a grinder and gring the heads of the nuts holding the ignition to the triple tree until their just past flush with the washers. You will see a faint circle start to form where the screw treads are coming through. Once their off you can separate the ignition.

-on the bottom side of teh ignition there is a plastic clip with one screw, take the screw out and remove the cover. youll see a bunch of wires and another screw holding the metal bracket on. Remove the screw and the actual ignition peice will come out.

-THERE IS NO CODE ON THE BIKE ANY WHERE FOR THE KET CUTS, you have to bring it to a lock smith, they disassemble the lock and figure the cuts out that way. After they cut a key write the code on the under side of your seat.

*NOTE* the tank lock only has 4 cuts the ignition has five or six so you cant just have a key cut for the tank lock, it wont work on the ignition.

you can how ever take the electrical ignition peice(has a T space in it) and mount it some where so you can turn the bike on and off using a screw driver.

and that is it, the easyest way to getting a new key.

and thanks everyone for all the help, and i hope this comes in handy.
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