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just a thought for now..

how much would you guys pay for my bike..

been thinking of just selling it since i have not ridden it really.

no pictures yet, but it currently has a yoshimura R77 full 4-2-1 exhaust carbon fiber, complete set hotbodies race body work (white) but i'll include the regular plastics - basic track requirement bolts are drilled and safety wired., new bridgestone battlax R10, about 2 miles only used to put gas on the bike.

9,220 miles on speedo.

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Conventional thinking says to turn the bike back into a stocker and sell all the gofast parts separately. The bike looks good in the photos. That look would make the bike more desirable. when you start mentioning race glass, the selling price immediately starts dropping. Do you still have the 2brothers pipe? I'd put that back on. The decals on the oem plastics make the bike a one of a kind. The prospective buyer can keep them or remove them.

The painted glass and full yoshi may have cost you close to 2 grand. Don't expect to get too much back. 40% might be optimistic. I know the market in Florida is pretty weak. You definitely would want to put it on ebay. There are more than a couple bike flippers in the bay area also. You'll have some heavy competition. You have to start somewhere with a price. The closer your price is to the actual current market value, the quicker you will sell. Don't mention the race spec nuts and bolts unless you're asked. Never lie about anything to a buyer.

It is so hard for a seller of anything to put an objective price on an object they own. Of course the bike and parts have to be absolutely immaculate in condition and clean. Brand new tires are a real selling point. You have new tires on the bike, right? I think it will definitely make the bike sell faster. You sound like you are on the fence as far as selling. Go ahead and run some full boat ebay ads for at least a couple weeks. Might cost you a hundred bucks. You will find out what the current market value really is.

I'd ask $5,949 for the bike.
I'd ask $799.00 for the full system and race glass.
List the items separately.

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i was thinking i'd sell it all for 6.5k

but i have a local offer for 7, which would include the stock OEM black plastics, the squid stickered up fairings, and race plastics. the buyer would always have 3 different looks anytime he or she wants if they have the time and knowledge to do so.

i also have the two brothers slipon with headers..

and in the additional mods:
power commander V with 5 custom maps
Power commander autotune - not installed
power commander quick shifter
power commander lcd
CRG blidsigt mirror
have both passenger seat and solo cowl
smog blockoff plates - not installed
shorty levers
red speigler braided hose - front only - OEM rear
woodcraft rearset - not installed
sato frame sliders
yoshimura fender eliminator - not installed
modified gearing
dynoman big bore kit - not installed
JE pistons - not installed

small little cosmetic things like yoshimura oil filler plug & drain plug, shorai lithium battery.

and i got the stock exhaust too if one desires :)
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