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I was looking at all the ways to clean up the rear of my bike (the 97 9r had a large behind) and have done most everything possible except integrate those huge turn signals into the taillight. It's worth mentioning that I'm also the kind of person who would rather spend money on something like a new chain or brakes than a frivolous thing like a taillight integration mod. Anyways, here's my homebrewed, whitetrash, and VERY VERY CHEAP way of doing this. Please leave some feedback.


Your bikes taillight
Your bikes turn signals
A screwdriver
A bottle of rubber cement
A dremel drill (if u don't have one, borrow one, I did!)

First thing to do is break open that taillight, which was rather tough. Apparently the Kawa techs who made this thing where in love with large amount of rubber cement. All it takes is a little elbow grease and a screwdriver to pry it open and seperate the red filter from the base.

Use the dremel and cut the turn signal in half so you can pull out just the bulb and the base.
(in this pic, the bulb and base are in the foreground, and the old unit is in the back)

Use the dremel's drill bit and cut a circle the size of the base (of the turn signal). Try to get the fit as close as possible (AKA smallest hole possible).
In the bottom pic, the right side shows about how big and where to put the hole, use your head when doing it though.

STEP 3.5
Slide both turn signals into the freshly dremeled holes and pull the wiring all the way out the back before you begin cementing, the above pic on the left side shows how it should fit.

Go ahead and whip out the cement. I actually used 2 zipties to pull each sides turn/brake signal closer together in the back before i began cementing, just to be sure the bulbs weren't touching when everything dried up.

Let the bulb cement dry, then go ahead and cement the red cover "lens" back into palce, let dry, and mount back up to bike!

Yes, the signal will be red, but most integrated light are anyways, unless you buy a clear tail. Definately the cheapest and least sophisticated way to do it.
I spent $2 on the cement and that it!


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go a clear tail with colored bulbs, that would look sic

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Heres a picture of my "new" black bike. I know a lot of people like the older 9r's cause of their "extreme" paintjobs, but I needed to change the appearence of my bike, so...

an all black 97' ZX-9R

what do you think?

just finished putting it all together

its got new rubber, nothing under the tail, and a significantly raised rear end. I pesonally feel it looks much better than the stock bike. The steering is so much lighter too, although all I've done so far is cruise a little bit.

Not completely finished but getting there...
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