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Hey there gang, just a quick g'day to all. Just stumbled across site while researching info the Ninja 1000. Terrific site guys, thanks to the creators and contributors.

Just sold the Busa in order to help fund a comfy, but exciting sporty sports tourer. I had to be honest with myself, the busa, terrific though it was, was simply just too much bike for me, there was just no way I could do that bike or me any justice really :scared. I want something a little less aggressive, but something sporty enough that I can still get in it and throw into the twisties with confidence. But I also want something I could sit in the saddle for a decent while munching up miles comfortably. I have an old Viffer 750, but its pretty old tech now, so somethin as sweet as this but with a chunk more power and modern suspension and brakes should do the trick. Yeh, I know, the perfect bloody bike for many, and such a beast probably does not exist, but I happened upon the Ninja 1000 and it pretty much seems to tick all the boxes:)

Apparently a more comfortable, more upright seating position (helpful for my aging spine :drama), but still with plenty of power on tap. Apparenty it's competent in the twisties (which is mandatory) so I don't get left too far behind by the Gixxers and Blades and yet it seems also that I can ride for hours looking for adventure and whatever comes my way (sorry couldn't resist the reference :lol:). A "Utilitarian" do you think? versatile across a range of domains, not brilliant in every area, just pretty damn good everywhere. Sounds like I'm describing a Bandit, VFR (or BMW, No I'm not quite ready for such sophistication just yet ...the dressing gown, hush puppies and pipe will have to wait a few more years :rotflmao), but the reviews on the Ninja seem to suggest that its much better than these anyway.

I looove the look of it too (not as nice as the Z though), and been waiting years for comfortable sporty sport tour bike, that could do an occasional long trip. Anyway gang, just wanted to share my thoughts. Would certainly appreciate and happy for any feedback, comments and suggestions.

Keep up the great insights, I look forward to chatting with you all at some point, Cheers:crazyloco

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