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My beautiful red paint job! The clear kept popping from it. So its now tore down, and repainted, this time white tri-coat pearl,with several pearls in it. look great but i feel that the income tax refund should still be spent on it!!!

New Black Chrome Rims, New Pilot road 2's new bearings/seals
new chain/cogs
roaring toyz Black Chrome mirrors
new CF look brake lines and clutch line with gold fittings
new rotors, new wind screen with gold screws
new quick release gas cap
new shorty levers (black with gold adjusters)
HID's (all 4)

am i forgetting anything?

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Pearls are super sexy.
They are a pain in the ass to touch up something like rock chips though. I know this from experience. You might consider the clear paint protector kits they sell that cover the leading edges of your fairings.
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