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Help with Parts Identification

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Hi Guys, Zx7 newbie here. With my new-to-me 1990 ZX7 came a box of bits and pieces. A few of which im not sure what they are.

The main item im trying to figure out is what the parts fiche calls a "Chain Cover". but im not sure where it is supposed to go exactly. Best guess is somewhere towards the left front side of the swing arm. but if anyone has a clear picture of theirs the would be helpful to see where it goes, how its oriented and how it attaches.

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That is sitting upside down. They call it a chain cover but it actually mounts to the left side of the battery tray. Here is the parts diagram from Partzilla. If you look up the 1990 ZX7 under electro brackets, you may understand how it’s installed.
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Thanks, I saw the fiche but wasn't clear that it attaches to the battery box. Very helpful, thanks !!
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