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possible clutch problem with a 05 ninja 636

Hi again new to the form

So today I was riding and when I shifted into 3rd it engaged wierd/hard. As I pulled in the clutch lever I received A load of play and then I could not down shift nor upshift. So I shut her down and adjusted the clutch play enough to get me home, but clutch is engaging weird and the pull on the lever is stiff as hell, and I have a nickle thickness in play at the lever. a Also the cable seems to be in good shape nothings frayed.
I also don't know if the clutch cable is routed correctly tho, its running from the lever through to between the middle and right fork below the triple tree top clamp and down through the frame to its perch.

Any help would be great!!!

Ebc clutch
Akrapovic evolution titanium slip-on
Gilles rear sets
K&n air filter
Cnr adjustable levers
Clean air mod
Jumper mod
14front sprocket 58rear sprocket with 520 conversion
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