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Dear all,

I'm a newbie to the forums so please excuse that. I am currently rebuilding my zx6r and respraying it - basically trying to make it my own rather than a standard factory bike. I went to check the valve clearances and they were marginal so my mate (an experienced tinkerer) said to check the shims and correlate them with the chart in the haynes manual, of which i did. It said not to worry so i put all the shims back in, oiled it all up as i went, checked the timing of the engine was correct etc etc and nipped it all down but whenever i try top turn uit over its as if a piston smacking a valve! I've had the camshafts off and on and tried everything i can think of, markin g everything, alternating but still no joy! I know the engine turns over absolutely fine without the camshafts in!

Any advice would be massively helpful.

Kind Regards

Dickie - i'll get some pics up when the bike is done!

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