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Alright, I see you've read this far... two weeks ago I was riding about 80mpg on I-25 (the major CO highway) on my 93 ZX-11 Model D (So I know all 93-01 models are almost the exact same)and my chain snapped and shot through the sprocket cover and the transmission cover (aka the cover that has the sight glass and oil fill lid that is located right behind the front sprocket).

1. Do I have to drop the engine to replace this because right now it looks like it?

2. Has anyone ever had to replace this?

3. How the hell do I get the front sprocket nut off? It's a 26mm bolt, we used an impact driver at 125psi at max power and it still won't come off... Is this thing cross threaded? Is there a trick?

I've already got all the new parts, I just need a lil' help now so If I hear only a shop can do it, then that'll be fine but a lil help please.

New parts:
Transmission Cover w/sight glass & fill lid & O-ring
Tranny Cover gasket
Oil Seal
Front Sprocket
Front Sprocket Cover
DID 530 Chain
4 quarts of oil & a partridge in a pear tree.


Feel free to email me or post up ASAP.
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