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Last week, Thanksgiving eve,, I went for a long drive in my truck. On the way home, i drove through a blinding snowstorm. I was dumbfounded that i was doing it. But wasnt going to stop because i knew that eventually the conditions would get better. I just needed to get around the base of the mountain. If it wasnt for the markers on the side of the road. I couldnt navigate. After hundreds of miles, my truck got stuck about 50 yards from my driveway. I left it until the next morning. That day, Thanksgiving. I realized i had a low beam headlight out. Auto parts are closed, but Wally World is open. I drive 30 miles and they have the light bulbs needed. Except the only person able to unlock them from the rack is off.
Low and behold, i had recently upgraded the bulbs on my 06 ZX-14.
Guess what, exact same bulb,, Im going to suspect that the high beam may be the same. H-11
2010 GMC SIERRA 2500.
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