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You have until this Friday.(12 May -06)

Hey fellas, another Kawi forum started up a group buy on the 05-06 zx-6r and the 04-07 ZX-10r's GPR steering dampers from indysuperbike.com. These usually retail anywhere from $430-475. Get a great deal and get one for only $330 shipped. Right now they have them on their website for $339.95 + shipping, but I guess GPR just raised the price and theyre going up soon.

Do some research and online and find out hour great of a deal these actually are. These are great and can save your butt if you ride track days and even just put-putting around town.

They have a limited number in stock and may not have the color you want (i.e. Gold) , but give them a call and tell them you're calling regarding the GPR Group Buy. Here's the thread if your interested.


And here's the damper. Ask for Chris in sales.

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