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Thought I'd let you see what I've done in the 5 weeks since buying this tired 2 Owner 16,500mls Black 04. This is my second one the last was mint and I wished I'd never got rid of, however I traded her in for my HP4 Competition in 2015 which i still have.

On the surface the bike looked fine, paid, stuck in the back of a van and drove home, immediately got her up n the ramp and started doing the usual things. Was way more tired than I first noticed, it was also covered in grime and cobwebs which was one of the appeals strangely (barn find lol), this guy loved chain grease, it was everywhere man..1/2 thick at the sprocket and inner casings !

So far.. I've spent a fair bit.

Power Bronze Carbon Hugger.

DID chain and Talon Sprockets.

DID Chain tool.

Harris front stand.

Refurbished rear rim.

New bearings and seals two sets for both axles.

Set of captive spacers.

Stainless fairing fixing kit.

Overhauled rear caliper, seals and EBC Double H pads

New Cush Drives.

Pair of Michelin Power 5s

Set of Iridium plugs (mammoth job made easier with the post on here)

Air and oil filter plus 10/40 Motul

Set of adjustable footrests from Omnia racing in Italy and Brembo pressure switch.

320 mil Brembo discs with extension upgrade kit

Ferodo Double H Pads

Sidestand overhaul kit

Multiple orders to Cradely Kawasaki in England for OE rubbers, and assorted fittings.

Probolt assorted fixings

Front R1 complete caliper overhaul kit.

Belly pan, nose cone and fender sent for painting.

New front rim off EB

S/H second rear rim off EB already dipped, stripped and painted.

Just about to pull the pin on an end can, undecided what to go for.

Set of Dark front indicators.

Drain and replaced coolant.

Cleaned thoroughly as I went.

Painted inside of swing arm.

Still to do.. Oil and Filter, Front Caliper overhaul, new front rim, discs and tyre fitted, replace panels when they return and considering a shorter can.

Although this is for occasional track use I'm keeping her in road trim as I would hate the bike to lay redundant most of the year, I am in North Scotland so track time will have to arranged well in advance. Our roads are sensational but we have to travel into England to have a selection of tracks.

I'll stick a google link on...


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I’m doing the same now with an 04, less miles though.

I love that Arata exhaust on yours. Keep up the good work.

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