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Hi Folks,

I am curious to know just how much effect a gearing change would have on a custom-mapped PCIII USB '05 10R? This bike has a stock engine with an oval Akrapovic slip-on - possibly a less restrictive air filter.

The rider is still running the stock gearing on this street bike that sees more track days each month. I have recommended that he drop the final drive ratio by adding at least +2T to the rear sprocket, and possibly dropping the counter-shaft sprocket a tooth as well. But he is dang quick with the existing gearing on the roads we ride and the local tracks - he does not yet see any reason to change gearing.

While I disagree - his riding performance is difficult to make any arguement. But I am concerned that when he gets a custom map for his bike, a gearing change will throw it off.

Firstly - Does a gearing change on the order I have outlined have a measurable effect on a custom map?

Secondly - New to this bike, but very quick - I can't really convince him to re-gear though I believe he should. I would appreciate your experiences and opinions on this point. He is fast now and it's an uphill arguement I will not pursue - rider confidence is a key factor as we all know.

Finally - Does someone here have a good map for a stock motor and an Oval Akrapovic suppressor? (pre-Tri Oval). I checked their site but found only the Euro model maps - is there a difference?

This is a gifted rider that needs a good tuner (don't we all). I may be able to spin a wrench, but I am beyond my skill level here. Any help you folks can provide would help.

Thanks in advance for your help - and my best wishes to you and yours for the Holidays, good health, and prosperity and joy for the New Year and those that follow.


San Jose, California
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