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hi all, newbie here.
brought a 1994 zx750 with 34,000 miles on the clock.
was out on it yesterday and all was fine, jumped on it this morning for a blast only to find i cant change up the box.
engages 1st ok but wont go into second, so played around the adjustment rod from gear change pedal to gearbox and tried engaging second by hand (engine running, clutch lever pulled in) can get it to engage but its very hard to engage, but on moving up into 3rd again by hand iam just getting a false neutral, on moving back down into 2nd the gears will grind then engage, down into 1st is fine and up into neutral is ok.
have i got a bend selector fork or do i need to ride bike down the road and try it again?
is this a big big fix or an ok job for a newbie working on big engines? iam i off roader really so only used to working on smaller engines.
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