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I have a matched set of beautiful Galespeed aftermarket performance wheels for 04/05 ZX-10R. These are bolt on wheels (special sprocket needed but included). These are forged aluminum in metallic black and 10 spoke. The pair weigh 24 pounds and have their mass more centralized compared to stock heavier wheels. I can sell just the wheels, wheels with slightly used rear black Vortex 40T sprocket for 520 chain, wheels with slightly used tires, or everything. Bearings are included and so are valve stems, air caps, and sprocket carrier. Just move over your brake rotors and decide which tires you want (mine or yours) and these wheels should bolt up fine on your 04/05 ZX-10R.

Front wheel size is 3.50x17 and rear wheel size is 6.00x17.

Tires are Pirelli Diablo Rosso 120/70/ZR17 front (date code 4810) and Michelin Pilot Power 190/50/ZR17 rear (date code 2710). Front has about 90% tread remaining (center), rear 85% (center). Both edges are 100% (I don't lean the bike all the way). My tires are NOT currently mounted on my Galespeed wheels, they are mounted on my stock rims.

If you have questions ask in a reply here so other people can see the answers too.

These wheels are normally about $1900 to $2000 new but I am asking $1198 with free insured shipping to 48 continental USA states. Local pickup for only $1098 cash.

Wheels are in 8.5 out of 10 condition for front and 9 out of 10 for rear (10 = perfect/new) so both are in excellent condition with only minor blemishes which can only be seen when up very close. From a few feet away they look new.

These have a very nice metallic finish, not like the stock flat black wheels. Up very close I can see some tiny blue and purple speckles but when viewed from a few feet away, wheels looks metallic (shiny) black. Very nice looking wheels great for someone who loves to flick the bike around more easily and/or just wants much better than stock looking, lighter, better performing wheels.

I don't know if these can be adapted to fit other bikes but I would say it is possible. They sell different collars and sprocket carriers for these wheels. There may be issues with axle diameter, bearings, and spacing which will need to be addressed. Might make a fun project.

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