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Good Morning, hoping to get some input here. I have an ‘87 ZX750. Currently has a cheap fuel tap, and the hose comes out the side of the tap, which on this model, makes the fuel line rub against the engine block, also causing an almost 90 degree bend in the line. The stock petcock had the hose coming straight out the back so the hose wouldn’t turn. (Pic attached). The problem is I cannot find the OEM or even aftermarket part with matching part number. 51023-1303.
I can find parts that look similar, like for an 80s KZ or 80s GPZ. I don’t know if the holes are the same distance apart and will mate with my fuel tank.
Does anyone know of a similar fuel tap that would work in place of the 51023-1303 fuel tap? I need the fuel line not to bend or touch the engine or carbs. Thanks!
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the pictured tap 51023-0721 looks similar and what im looking for, but im not sure if the holes will mate with the mounting holes on the fuel tank. Thanks!
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