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88 ZX750R-F2
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Hey guys I'm looking for some advice or some pointers on fuel tank.
I've got a 1988 ZX750R-F2 or a GPX750 I'm currently trying to locate a new/used tank.
The tank I have now looks like swiss cheese. No matter what my outcome from this forum is YES I am going to have it lined.
So if anyone has any idea on were I may be able to locate one, even if it is also looking like swiss cheese. (A tank is the only thing I'm unable to locate)
So my next question is are there any other ninja tanks that are compatible?
I figure if there is a compatible tank it would allow me to open up to searching efforts for something else as well. (I have found a needle in a hay stack alot faster then finding another tank)
Any help will be great
Thanks guys
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