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Hello everyone,

I recently became interested in the motorcycle scene. I typically sell these covers with our automotive license plates, but I wanted to see if any of you would be interested in these for your motorcycle's plates.

These come in handy because they form a fairly tight "seal." This helps to prevent your bolts and screws from rusting on your license plates. They offer security and look pretty good as well.

I can offer them in pairs or sets of four. Please send me a PM or post on here. I check regularly. You can also check us out on eBay.

Black pairs will cost: $3.20 shipped

Black sets of four will cost: $3.80 shipped

I can also give discounts on multiple orders (shipping is the killer)!

Product Information:
Fits #10, #12, #14, M5 and M6 fasteners
Outside Diameter: 5/8"

Screw or bolt head diameter should be 1/2" or less in order to fit properly.​
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