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For Sale:

Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop
Intel Pentium4 3.2Ghz HT Processor
15" UXGA Dell UltraSharp Display (Native Resolution 1600x1200)
1.5GB of Crucial DDR 333 PC2700 Memory (Lifetime Warranty)
60GB Hitachi 7200rpm Hard Drive
nVidia GeForce Go 64MB Video
DVD-ROM Drive with CD-R/RW Burning
802.11g WiFi Integrated
10/100 Ethernet + 56K Modem
USB 2.0
Standard Sound + Ports
Still under a 3-Year Warranty by Dell

This is not a refurbished laptop. I am the original owner of it, purchased it off of Dell. I upgraded the memory to 1.5Gb of Crucial's DDR333 memory, lifetime warranty on it. The display has a native resolution equivalent of a 21" monitor at 1600x1200.

Included with the laptop is the original box and packaging, as well as the original operating system, software applications, and drivers all on original Dell CD's.

Asking $1000 even or best offer, free shipping. I am Verified with PayPal.

This has the original Dell battery and Dell power supply. The battery still holds a full charge. With WiFi turned on and the screen brightness maxed out, I still can get 3.5 hours out of it. Using Ethernet and screen brightness dimmed down, I can get well more than 4 hours on the battery.

It's a great laptop. I particularly bought this because of the awesome screen. The Dell UltraSharp is a UXGA screen, and at 15" in size, it displays a native resolution of 1600x1200. For me, from being on the Internet to everything I do, that high resolution is just awesome!

This is a very fast laptop, even by today's standards, because this is a full 3.2Gh Pentium4 with HyperThreading. It has the faster bus speeds, and more cache then today's slimmed down machines.
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