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i put this up for sale in the 11 forum also...

I found a deal that came up on a toy that i want (a railbuggy), so its time to get rid of one, so no trades. Anyways here is the info
-1991 ZX11 Kawasaki Ninja
-31K miles (30K and some change)
-Yoshimiara (spelling?) pipe
-new paint (it was pink)
-Rejeted( had 165's, now has 170's) and synced carbs. mixture screws: 3 turns out
-tires have good tread on them

looking for $3100 OBO...basically looking for blue book. I miss my old railbuggy's and like i said, I found one so I need to get rid of a toy to get one, only reason i am getting rid of it. Runs like a top. The reason it has no lower fairings is because thats the way I bought it. The holes looked ugly so I rounded the bottom corners and cut the strip where the holes were.
Let me know if interested. Figure there is some time left to ride this year before the cold sets in! Here are some pictures. I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
thanks guys

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