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Hello All!

Background Info:

I recently purchased a complete set of OEM fairings for my 2009-2011 ZX6R with the intention of having them restored to “New” condition and replacing the aftermarket parts that came with the bike. After giving thought to the amount of money I’ve already invested into the motorcycle I began to question if the investment would yield greater return after it was all said and done when I sold it.. I’m having buyers remorse / second thoughts. For anyone looking to restore their motorcycle or replace aftermarket with OEM these may best suited for you.

Item Details:
  • Number of pieces: 16
  • Condition: The plastics are in fantastic condition. The paint could use TLC and a light polishing.
  • Issues: 1 minor (Left Lower Cowling Clip is missing)
  • Color: Black
  • Original Purchase Price: 860 (Receipts available upon request)
  • Asking Price: 750
  • Negotiable: Not really : (
  • Buyer pays for shipping
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