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Hello, I'm new here and have questions about some fork swapping.
But first I must confess I don't own a ZX. How ever I am trying to upgrade my current bike with some Zx parts. My current ride is a triumph thunderbird wich has the world's worst suspension and brakes. A common upgrade is to use Zzr12 and Zrx11 forks and brake components. The forks are 43mm, I found a 94 zx6e parts bike locally and picking it up friday.

I was checking out race tech springs and noticed 2000 zrx11 and the 94 zx600e use the same part number. After a quick check of bikebandit.com I discovered the fork lowers are the same part # also. The tubes are the same except the zx6e has an "/a" behind it as do some of the other parts. I am assuming that the "/a" might mean adjustable. Is the zx6e an adjustable?
The similar part#'s led me to wonder how much if any, is the difference in length between these forks. If the Zx6 forks work out I should be able uprate the springs to match the T-bird's extra 85lbs.
Thanks in advance for any help. Jaz
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