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Hey Guys,
It's a beautiful day here in Melbourne (Australia).
Now that I've repaired my Carbs,
Here's a rundown.
Decided to do some carb tweaking (eg installing adjustable needles).
EASY job.......you'd think.
Body panels, tank & airbox off.
Now, remove diaphragm covers........BUT some screws wont budge WTF !!!!
(I used anti seize on all the carb bolts & screws).
Well, in my "enthusiasm" to get the NOW stripped screw from
carb 3's cover, I grab my trusty impact driver.....
A few taps.....a few more....okay one more hard belt......:scared
Cool....the screw is loose.....hang on.....
That's odd, there's a large piece of of broken plastic and alloy
laying on the bench= :headscratch WTF ????
Broke the diaphragm cover and the CARB diaphragm chamber. :eek:hno
So much (LOUD) cussin' & swearing that even my wife & neighbor came to investigate.:rant
In short....
I have now learned how to get a bank of carbs apart (needed No.3) and how to put'em back together again.
Had to swap over all the jets,floats and pipework then put the "bank" back together (NOTE: remember to attach the choke linkage).
What I should've done too (as I have the O-rings) was replaced the ones
on the fuel piping...But I didn't...and YES they leaked.
So I had to remove them again and strip'em AGAIN !!!
So after 4 hours the carbs were back on ready to be sync'ed.
Finished up sync-ing and reassembling this morning and took her out on a test ride. Awesome ...NO LEAKS but more importantly...
NO 3000-4000 rpm stumble. YEAH!!!!!:crazyloco

FYI- 92 C model with Hindle 4 into 1 exhaust, K&N filter.
Factory Pro needles -clip 3rd from top (middle)
142.5 jets
2.5 turns on air fuel screws.
Float at 15mm

So, now I'm done.
Lessons learned, tears cried....and knowledge gained.
I really think my wife wants me to get a NEW bike but I cant
afford or want a NEW one. Jeez, I know this one inside out NOW.

I'm off outside to enjoy a "cold one"(or two).
Take care out there,

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GAV!! how ya doin???

I'm back in sunny south gippsland Foster and looking for the sunshine ....... where did that stuff go to?
Props on the repair bud.

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Quick update...
Got to try "HER" out properly today on my way to and from work
on the freeway and in stop/go traffic.
Could not be running better....even the temp is slightly cooler when I got stuck at the lights.
Most importantly NO STUTTER/ STUMBLE at any rpms :thumbup:clap.
(I thought) I was chasing a rich condition but after getting a
proper plug reading "SHE" was obviously lean:tard.
I'm glad I finally got this sorted & so are my Friends & Family.
Now I can go back to actually enjoying "HER".

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Bike still running great, just wish I'd remembered the Tire Gods.
Got a piece of shrapnel (Tony Stark would've been proud of)
imbedded in my rear tire & after ringing a few local shops
(none would repair it) I decided to purchase a plug type
repair kit and fixed it myself.
Dead easy to do, you don't even have to remove the wheel
and so far so good.
I'll be taking this kit with me in all my vehicles. Definitely worth $15.
It'll do 'til I get the pennies for a new tire ($200 down here).

Anyone tried that GREEN SLIME (Not sure of the real name)
stuff ya put in the tires ????
Spoke to some local "petrolheads"(car enthusiasts) and they all run it so they don't have to carry a spare.
I want to get some for my Vette and thought
I might try it in the bike (2 punctures this year).
Pros/Cons ????
Take care out there.

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What the hell man? You cruising through the wrecking yards? Keep that thing on the highway. :crazyloco

I think I picked up this lot of shrapnel from a "rear ender" between a
car and a trailer being towed by an SUV. I was right behind them when it happened so didn't see the crap on the road 'til it was too late.
The trailer was totaled and the front of the car was pretty screwed up too.
This was at peek hour on a freeway too.
Just to be safe, I just bought a NEW Road Pilot 2 tire ($215 delivered)
and should have it next week.
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