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2001 ZX-11 D model. This bike only has 2900 original miles. This is my 4th ZX-11 and the smoothest, best running one yet! I bought it with only 2500 original miles. Since then I have added over $1700 worth of accessories and repainted it with a professional Base coat/clear coat $1500 OEM quality paint job. (not some Maaco quickie). Since none of my ZX-11s have ever looked the same as the next guys, I decided to repaint this one in the Subaru WRX blue. I'm sure you've seen the car. It's the hottest blue out there and just pops when you see it. (Not to mention it's close to the new 07 Kawi color). I also replaced the decals with the 96' Ninjas since they match my color perfect and make the bike look like it came in the blue!

I have had the pleasure of owning 4 of these "Kings of Speed" and this one is by far the smoothest, fastest and cleanest one yet. I am only selling it due to recent more pressing responsibilities. Kills me to let her go! Check out my other bikes I've owned in the pics...you'll see just how nice my bikes are.

Recent upgrades include:

Mobile 1 Synthetic Oil change-Racing weight
Muzzy Full Stainless Exhaust system with Carbon Canister
Michelin Pilot Power Tires-best on the market
Custom Aluminum Chain Guard
Pro Grip Custom Grips-super comfortable..exc grip!
Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen-Cuts helmet bobb
Dynojet stage one jet kit-Improved performance
Rear fender eliminator mod performed-Sportier look
07' Style Clear Turn Signals
07' Style Clear Brake Light
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs-Smoother Idle..non-fouling
Chrome Bar Ends
Blue Anodized Windscreen Hardware-Blends in nice
New Battery
Chrome Wide Levers-Easier to grab..look nicer

Here is the link for pics:

Title is in hand as well as 2 keys...:) $5700 takes her away!

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