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OK, I have had my C14 for 1 month so far and I think this bike gets better and better. I have been putting steady miles on her taking wifey out for evenings and some weekend riding. Yesterday's ride was a little different. I had the oppurtunty to pick up a comm system in Houston ( I live in DFW). I started early and the air was cool and the bike was running smoothly, the ride there was pretty much a normal ride 80 mph all the way down. On the way home I was able to get in line with a couple cars and we ran 95-100MPH for over 45 minutes. The C14 was stable as a rock even with the shield all the way up. Mileage stayed in the 40's and I averaged 45 miles per gallon. As I was near my home I was jockeying for a lane with a 07 Vette and when I found an open spot I let her rip, the Vette tried to stay with me but NO WAY. I opened her up to about 130 and "see ya". He later caught up to me in traffic and gave me the thumbs up. This was not the most exciting ride but it had its highlights and it was also the longest ride I have ever taken. This machine begs to go the distance.

starting mileage 1782
ending mileage 2379

Issues -NONE
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