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Those pictures don't provide much information.

How to make it fit better.

Buy a service manual.

Study the schematic.

Start with the upper fairing.
Make sure you have all the correct hanger brackets, and that they are not bent.
Most aftermarket fairings require bodywork for perfect fitment.
Learn to weld plastic, or lay fiberglass. Youtube has you covered.
You have to drill your own holes sometimes. Usually fiberglass and race fairings.
For the upper fairing, if it ends up fitting with that gap around the headlights, you can fill the gap with a number of things. Plastic, fiberglass, duct tape, binge drinking.
If all else fails, throw it in the trash and buy used oem from ebay or marketplace and make repairs.
Last resort, go naked streetfighter and claim it's the way you envisioned the build.

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So after some "persuasion" I managed to get the right side to connect but I'll have to find a solution for the missing fairing bracket. there's still like a 2" gap on the left side I assume its because the right side fairing bracket need some bending/persuasion. And I'll just have to drill some holes and everything should be okay (I hope)

Also I found a digital copy of the oem manual for free here -----> 1993 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7 – Owner's Manual – 148 Pages – PDF
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