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I am selling some used OEM and aftermarket parts that were removed from my ZX-10R, 2004. These parts have less than 110 miles on them and are in great condition.

OEM Parts List
Cover, Starter, Large (P/N: 14091-0108) -- $80 OBO
Cover, Starter, Small (P/N: 14091-0109) -- $70 OBO
Cover, Starter, Pulsing (P/N: 14091-0303) -- $35 OBO
Air Filter -- $25 OBO
Cowling, CNT, LH, L. Green (P/N: 55028-0007-7F) -- $50 OBO [Cowling has some small scratches on it]

Swingarm -- $180 OBO [Swingarm has some small scratches on it.]

Swingarm was damaged by an incompetent installer at one of the local dealership while he was trying to install a full Ackro exhaust system. Because of his mistake I had to replace both pieces and put Brand New parts on the bike.

Aftermarket Parts List
Competition Wereks Fender Eliminator -- $65 OBO
Sato Frame Slider -- $65 OBO
Diamond Pro Frame Sliders - $75 OBO (Brand New - still in orig. pkg.)
Sato Fork Sliders -- $40 OBO
Sato Spool Sliders -- $35 OBO
Lockhart Phillips Tank Bra -- $20 OBO
Lockhart Phillips Marker Lights -- $20 OBO [Brand New never been installed]

All the pictures can be viewed at: Kawasaki ZX-10R, 2004 Look under Parts for Sale sub-folders.

I prefer to sell everything locally but willing to ship the parts if the buyer pays for the shipping charges. As always cash is king but Paypal are accepted too.

Please feel free to email me: [email protected] if you have any question.

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