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1993 Zx-7 L Model, 2006 ZX-10R
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I have a 00 zx7 and wanted to know if zx9 mid-pipe would fit my bike. View attachment 23566
This was the way I purchased it the first of the month. I realize that I am older than methuselas nuts. But for some strange reason, I like to be able to hear myself think. I really feel like I need a can on here to accomplish this. However (as the pic shows) Im also needing a mid pipe. I found a cheap can but no mid pipe on Amazon. There is one on there for the 9. Will that work in place of the stock one.
P.S. try not to laugh at the bike too much, cuz I am still crying.
@57x and @2fat2fly would be able to confirm. I know I have a D&D midpipe from a 94-97 zx9r on my 93 zx7. End can is a yoshimura
1 - 1 of 5 Posts