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What is the 1/5th throttle thing?never herd of that? Also how hard is it to do the flys? I do know some stuff about working on these bikes. Pretty much just remove the screws and take out the flap or what? Or should I just sell it an get a gsxr? Cause I refuse for him to be faster than me ha! REFUSE he is my younger brother so that is not an option
it turns your 90 degree turn throttle into 72 degrees and sharpens your throttle responce. the 2nd flies are the 1st set of flies you see when you look down into your TB's. just remove them and be carefull not to drop the lil screws inside your TB's. its a free mod with gains up top. if your interested in the 1/5th throttle mod i have a brandnew one for your bike pm me if interested.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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