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New Ninja ZX-10R launched

From November 14th to 17th, 10 editors of leading European motorcycle magazines had the opportunity to be the first to ride the all-new '06 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R on the Kawasaki owned Autopolis circuit in the south of Japan.

After two exciting riding days on the thrilling 4.6 km long up-and-down racetrack, a visit to the Kawasaki factory in Akashi concluded the World Press Introduction of the new ZX-10R. Before the group of journalists went home, everybody gave the individual comments on the bike.

Roland Brown, Freelance (United Kingdom)
"I'm very impressed by the new bike, it's great. It's very fast, but very smooth at the same time - it handled well. I like the balance of the bike. It's a bit crazy but also very controllable. The Autopolis racetrack was excellent, too. It's a good place to develop bikes for the future."

Marc Potter, MCN (United Kingdom)
"It's been an absolutely fantastic trip to Japan, which was really very well organized. We've got the chance to ride an amazing racetrack and I can't wait for the next time."

Ralf Schneider, Motorrad (Germany)
"The biggest and most convenient surprise for me was the 10R engine. When you notice its running smoothness and the excellent throttle response, you can easily understand, that this is a completely new power plant. I didn't expect this. Therefore, it was even more pleasant for me to experience it."

Giulio Rangheri, Motociclismo (Italy)
"I like the engine and the way, the ZX-10R is delivering its power. Also, the chassis is working well. By the way, Autopolis is a fantastic and very technical track. At the end, I'm very happy, even with the circumstance that we had no time to visit the city or to do some shopping."

Damien Bullot, Moto Revue (France)
"It was very interesting for me to come to Japan and to meet the engineers who developed the new Kawasaki ZX-10R. The same goes for the opportunity to see the Kawasaki factory. Therefore, it was a good idea to held the press launch in Japan.

The old bike didn't win our Supertest this year, but it wasn't far away from the top. The new one will do even better on the racetrack, for which it was designed for."

Zef Enault, Moto Journal (France)
"The new ZX-10R was a very pleasant surprise for me because it is very different from the old one. It is much easier to ride, the engine performance is better, the gearbox is excellent - everything is better. The comfort and the efficiency of the suspension is unbelievable. Besides that, I was very happy to visit the factory and to meet the engineers to get an impression how a bike is developed."

Augusto Morena de Carlos, Motociclismo (Spain)
"For one reason, this was one of the most interesting press launches I joint within the last 20 years. For the first time in my life, I could visit the Kawasaki factory. So this was an important reason for me to come to Japan. Also, the Autopolis racetrack was a very interesting experience since this circuit is something special due to its layout. I like the new ZX-10R very, very much. Kawasaki made a big step forward with this bike, which is very competitive."

Franco Rossi, In Moto (Italy)
"I'm very happy with the balance of the new bike. It's much better than its predecessor, since the new 10R is much more easy to handle. So more customers will be able to use 100% of the new Ninja. I like the technical Autopolis track very much."

Marcus Klass, Motorradfahrer (Germany)
"The press launch was very nice, even if the schedule was very tight. I have experienced a wonderful racetrack embedded in a nice landscape and I have driven a great new bike. My only wish would have been to get more time in-between to recover."

Alex Medina, Solo Moto (Spain)
"The trip to Japan was a fantastic experience. I think the Autopolis circuit is very, very exciting. Obviously, the new ZX-10R is much better than the old bike. It may be the Superbike No. 1 at this moment."

Source: Kawasaki UK

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In general i think they like it!!!:clap
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