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My speedo sucks.
It is very erratic (mainly at high speeds) at times, and sometimes it completely cuts out for long periods of time. My retard dealership tells me it's the sensor, but I'm unsure. If it was the sensor I would think the issue would be there all of the time. It also seems that others, with my same problem, have purchased a new sensor and still have the problem.
I have done alot of searching, and have found a couple of cases stating that the problem is caused by a loose connection between the pins in the back of the speedo and the wiring harness connetor. The recommended solution is to slightly bend the pins to allow for a better connection. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success with this method. I have taken the connection apart and reconnected it; however, I am a little bit nervous about bending all of those tiny pins.

Thanks for the help guys!
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