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A grinning Yvon Duhamel, a legend in his own time and father of current racing hero Miguel Duhamel, after winning the featured 750 national race at Talladega in 1972 on his wicked factory Kawasaki H2.

David Bailey grabbing the holeshot at the Gainsville, Florida National in 1984, in the race that was to become the first of eight straight national victories for david that year.

A very up-close-and-personal view of world champion Wayne Rainey as he displays his famous "hawk eyes"-a look that was known to wilt lesser Grand Prix road racing rivals.

The incomparable Bob Hannah, setting trends by wearing the nickname "Trouble" across the seat of his pants and flying high above the crowd at Sears Point during 1977 Trans AMA races.

500cc class champion Kent Howerton in a classic bermshot, dragging a handlebar in a big sandy berm on his Husqvarna during the 1976 Southwick National.

A muddied but exuberant Rick Johnson, clenching a tiny American flag between his teeth as he savors Team USA's victory at the Motocross des nations races at Unadilla, New York in 1987.

A young Broc Glover showcasing his gunfighter's eyes and steely determination while railing a berm at the 1978 Atlanta 125 National on his way to winning six national championships.

Kenny Roberts, the man who single-handedly changed the face of international road racing, bump-starting his Yamaha from pole position at the Grand Prix of San Marino in 1983; the last GP race and the last victory in a storied career.

An exhausted but grimly determined Jeff Ward, covered with mud, goggles discarded, as he presses on to finish the business at hand at the supremely challenging Unadilla track during the 1987 Motocross des Nations event.

Bubba Shobert, a study in focus, on the Superbike pre-grid at Laguna Seca in 1987 before winning the first AMA Superbike race of his career on his Honda VFR750.

Source: Cyclenews/Dunlop
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