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I was just rolling my pristine ZX12R out of the garage, leaned it to the left at I got onto the driveway and the friggin engine cut out cos it was cold and I was totally unbalanced and over I went on the left side!!!

Damage - mirror scratched and smashed. Some minor scratches to the fairing paint and decals. Water pump cover all scratched (at least, I think it's the water pump). Handle bar end scratched. Fairing 'fins' next to the water pump cover all scratched.

Can't believe it, my 2001 12r was so well kept and maintened, I could cry......

If anyone can help with helping me source affordable replacements for the following, it would be much appreciated:

1) Stock left mirror in black (or aftermarket pair)
2) Water pump cover (stock or aftermarket)
3) Fairing 'fins' in red (Are these even replaceable??)
4) Aftermarket Handle bar ends

Many thanks in advance, now I'm going to go and get drunk...............

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