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Just some tidbits of C-14 info

1 The speedo/tach light is red/orange depending on colour perception

2 The hazard flshers ( 4-ways to me ) only work with the ignition in the onposition!!! This makes no sense to me! If you stop to aid or just in an vulnerable location you must either leave the bike running or capable of runnig. Dumb!!

3 You can ride with the top stoage door open if you're carefull. This is usefull if you have your garage door opener velcro'd in there or you have a small snack which needs to be consumed.

4 The hand grip diameter is too small for us old Cruiser Guys. I miss my Kuryakan Iso grips very much. My right thumb and forefinger get buzzed to numb very quickly.

More later

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