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Lo-Jack way to get the bike off the ground.

Had to take off the caliper - The wood was an idea I got from my Clymer manual, that way if the brake was depressed it wouldn't close them to far.

Had to buy a new set of Alan Wrenches to get the old axle out.

Finally got off that rear tire.

New Sprocket over old. WAY heavier don't have $$ for performance parts.

New Chain next to old...

And what's a repair without a little blood!

Cool, sorry bout' low quality pictures only have a cell phone camera! :banghead Anyway the girl's ready to get goin now! Just need all this snow and wind to stop up here in Alberta.

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Like I said before Drew.... when we can't ride in Canada, We wrench! Have fun and post pics of it when the ole girl is back together.
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